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On the first Tuesday of every month, Walgreens offers its senior customers those over age 55 a 20 percent discount on all full-priced merchandise. Walgreens also typically offers a corresponding online coupon code that can be used during that same week. We wish senior day happened every week, but seniors can only get a 20 percent discount on the first Tuesday of each month. You can earn points by signing up for a Balance Rewards card. Regular digital 4x6 or 4x5. You can also ship items to your local store for free with no minimum purchase price.

For more information, see the Walgreens shipping and return policy. Depending on your insurance plan and the medication you are ordering, you may be able to get your prescriptions delivered free to your home. If you need a prescription delivered right away, you can also pay for delivery through Postmates. You can return most products for a full refund within 30 days, but returns on open makeup will be handled on a case-by-case basis by the store manager.

For more information on saving money at Walgreens, see the Walgreens coupon policy. Money Travel Tech Lifestyle Fashion. How do I add coupons to my Walgreens card? You can use a promo code and manufacturer coupon on the same order or item. A: Text2Clip allows Balance Rewards members to text a keyword to to receive paperless coupons related to that keyword. The coupons will automatically be clipped to your Balance Rewards card and redeemed at checkout. A: You either have multiple Balance Rewards accounts that we are unable to identify or we cannot find your account.

Customer Service can help to ensure you have one valid account. A: Click on the link that is provided in the text message that you receive back from Walgreens. A: Check the coupon details or click on the shop link for that coupon to see a list of eligible products. A: At checkout just use your Balance Rewards card or the phone number that is linked to your Balance Rewards account and the coupons will be automatically applied.

A: If you place an order on Walgreens. A: If you text the same keyword more than 4 times your phone number will be suspended for 12 hours. Please try again after 12 hours has passed. A: At this time you can only clip manufacturer coupons and coupons from the monthly savings book. The weekly ad coupons will be added at a later date. You can clip the weekly ad coupons online or on the mobile app.

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Customer Lookup. Your account. I have a RR from colgate co. Can I use the same walgreens coupon in the same transaction if I have more then one? They said that someone came in yesterday and bought it all. Apparently, since the sale flyers comes out on a Saturday, they are now putting the new stuff on sale and available on Saturday around 1 p.

Also, regarding their register rewards, if you get a raincheck you forfeit the rewards because they cannot give you the rewards after the sale week. Thanks, sorry to vent but I was so surprised when I heard about the Saturday early start on the weekly sale. Can you use the wags coupons more than once per transactions — the candy this week for instance. I have multiples of the MQ.

How many times can use use the wags coupon per transaction? Can I get 2 or 3 of the deals with only one wags coupons? My store just keeps a wags coupons book behind the checkout and scans from it when you check out. Thank you for the info. Looking to stock up for Halloween. I am having hard time with Walgreens trying to get them to use both my coupons. The current suave deal buy 2 for 6 Hawaii it will only ring one coupon not both. Question Does both just scan elsewhere or do they have to override it or something. I looked at there coupon policy and it does not seem to spell this out specifically even though I know everyone is doing it.

Or would I need to do a separate transaction? My closest Walgreens just refused to accept internet coupons.

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They said they had too much fraud and the clerk called the manager to confirm. This changed very recently since internet coupons worked fine just a few days ago. I was told if purchasing multiple items of the same that had RR, I had to ring up every item separately because if I did them all together it would only spit out one RR instead of 6 for example for the 6 items I purchased. I told the cashier to try it anyway and sure enough it only gave me one RR instead of one for each item of the same. She ended up refunding me everything and doing individual transactions for each.

Is that only with MQ they can do that? First of all thank you for all the help! Did I do something wrong? Or did I misunderstand? Thank you in advance! This may be a silly question. I am fairly new to double dipping. Would you get both items free??? Again this may be a silly question but I know that my fellow couponers will know the answer!!!!!

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Hi i have a question that Ive asked alot of people working at walgreens and each have answered it differently! The register would only allow 18, points used. Some said 40, points is my maximum im sooooo confused could you please explain?? Thank you in advance!! I would be interested in this answer as I ran into the same problem on a few transactions during the Christmas season.

I had over 70K points and could only redeem 18K in each transaction. Thank You. Hi, This site is very helpful. You said that we could use points to pay for a transaction and still get the RR on that item.

3. 1,000 Balance Rewards points are worth $1.00.

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Can I use a coupon from the weekly ad to make an item a specific price and a dollar off coupon from the Frebruary savings book for the same item in the same transaction? So I have a question. Would those give me a Register Reward? Not sure if this has been asked but…can you earn points and a RR on one transaction 2 seperate items? I tried to explain that I am buying 2 items and I says 1 coupon per purchase.

Am I wrong?? I had the same problem with the Nievea Lotions the week before. Thank you for all you do. Boy, Walgreens need a updated policy on the program cuz this is not at all addressed in their Rules and Regulations…. I have a question about the walgreens in ad coupons. Hope this makes sense! OK my fellow coupon fans.

I am wondering if i can use the coupons that are attached to my reward cards and the actual coupon in hand? I want to thank you for all the great deals. Recently the cashier told me that walgreens would no longer be accepting coupons that do not scan. We print out those coupons on our home printers from our home computers and the problem is we have no quality control. The maunufactor does not scan them before he pays you the face value plus. So why are you refusing our home done coupons?

This policy seems very unfair. We are just little nobody individuals trying to make our budget work and you are helping. So please do not refuse our coupons if they are not perfectly printed.. The cashier advised me that i could only use 1 coupon because the other coupon exceeded the amount of the other nail polish which was.

Is that correct? I did this exact deal, and they just adjusted the coupon so she is wrong, as this topics is discussed a lot on this site, and Christie always indicates when to get the clerk to adjust down the coupon.

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Q: Can I use manufacturer's coupons for online purchases? Paperless Coupons work, or see FAQs below. . Q: What is Text2Clip and how does it work ?. Walgreens does not accept expired coupons. Coupons expire at p.m. on the expiration date at the point of sale, whether in store or online. Walgreens will .

Go back and have them redo the transaction. But legally, they have to write the adjusted number on their coupon, so they only get reimbursed the lower amount, otherwise Walgreens is getting a higher reimbursement then they gave you. I used the two coupons, and got two finger nail polishes free today, and they did the adjustment. My grocery store has a much smarter system and handles this automatically…A company like Walgreens should have much smarter computers.

So got both for. I just moved to Arizona from Texas and iive been checking out the great deals on the site but the do not match up with my store! Out here on Arizona the deal is get 3 pay for only 2! Can you help me get so good deals on how I should I about promo there doing? Check your weekly ad on line at Walgreens.

Just use your zip code. Is there a limit on how many items you can purchase when using a monthly ivc? Will the deduction apply to all items that apply to that coupon? So if i had a coupon from the monthlyl IVC for crest.. Okay I am absolutely new to all of this! I am trying to plan a shopping trip.

I am going to be using rewards card.

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So say 3. It says on website Earn Points. I was told that you could not get points on a transaction that you use points. Ok great. Yes you will still earn points when you pay with RR. Ok great! Hi there! OR does the 2nd item not count at all toward the total items in the transaction? I could not use the RR. I am having trouble printing. I hit print and it says I must install the program. I accept and then it says I already have it installed, do I want to replace it, I chose yes and nothing happens. I try again and it goes through all the above steps.

I am really losing some good coupons. I have printed from this web site for years! Please help. So today I was told that I could not use a Register Reward from last week. I pointed out it was money that I had already spent in the store and that I certainly had enough filler items to be more than the 1 coupon 1 item policy but was shut down. Is this happening everywhere? I went home, printed the coupon policy and went back to the store. The cashier who is one of my favorites called up the manager. Re-rang, not re-range! What makes me mad is that the managers are enforcing this error in policy on the employees the cashier told me how she got in trouble ringing up another employee and letting her use a RR…correctly per corporate policy but incorrectly per this manager.

I think some of the staff is confused because of the change in the coupon policy. Can i use 1 IVC for 5 items? Pls help. I have a question about the walgreens reward card. Can we do more than 1 deal in separate transactions? Thanks for your help!! Please tell me me where I can find the following info in your Newsletter? However, I was not given 6, RR points? When asked the manager, he stated because I used coupons? Can someone confirm? No, it has nothing to do with coupons. In fact the ads often show you your price after coupons and points, so your manager is just um — not very well informed.

I suggest you call the Walgreens Balance Rewards department and they can add your points. I jus signed up for the balance rewards online. Could some help me out please so I can better understand.

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Thank u. I was told that the reward points are generated after the manufacture coupons are subtracted. I thought that the balance reward points are generated before the manufacture coupons are subtracted not after. Thanks for all your help, I enjoy all your tips and knowledge about coupons. I spoke with Walgreens Balance Rewards customer service last night. Has anyone else had this issue? Sad but no shocker there. What has happened to our ability to print coupons?

It used to be so simple. Now we are stopped dead trying to print coupons. Says they need to verify the computer. I tried twice and each time the blank to put the code in disappeared before I could put it in. This is crazy! Anything connected with Coupons. To make things worse, I will probably be charged for this cell phone usage! But how about RR? Hi so this Tuesday is Seniors day for Walgreens! It is regularly priced with no sales. And if I can, would the discount be applied before or after the coupons? Would I still be able to use both of the coupons if the value of the coupons exceed the value of the product?

Walgreens does not allow overage, nor will they adjust manufacturer coupons that exceed the price of item. I usually find these in the store in the isle where that type of product usually is. Or ask at pharmacy, I usually find these booklets there too. It has been several weeks since I submitted my questions. Are there some just discarded as worthless?

So here goes again.

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This coupon site has always been my favorite til we had to submit our mobil phone number before we could print coupons. It does not work! They suggest downloading the printer for Coupons.

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How did this silliness get started and allowed to continue? I have stopped going to Wags because of this. What about other customers? Does it work for them? Do they not mind giving their number to unknown business? Please answer for me. They are just trying to crack down on fraud. Try clicking that. Nothing I or anyone else can do about it. So to be clear, this has nothing to do with me, my website or with Walgreens.

This is coupons. These spend X deals are a little more tricky. I have a question. It seems like our ads are the same but the process vary by a dollar or so. The items that go on sale in the store, would that be the same here in Hawaii. Thank you in advance. Also are the the items that go on sale that are not advertised, are those normally the same everywhere?

I currently live in Hawaii and I was wondering do these same deals apply here as well? Thank you very much for any help you provide. Do coupons from the Walgreens book adjust down automatically if the coupon is over the price of the item?

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Midol is. As you know, the Plenti plan is owned by American Express and a bunch of other retailers. The Plenti program allows for spending points at all the retailers. If I buy 2 of the same item and want to use 2 coupons that state limit one coupon per purchase, can I use both of the coupons?

I would like to hear what Christie says on this too. This totally goes against everything I thought I knew about coupon verbiage. No, they are wrong. It works just fine as long as there is an open slot for the item to attach to. If I am purchasing say Dial soap and it is on sale as a buy one get one free, can I still use 2 coupons even though one is free? Any help would sure be appreciated. It does not say anything in fine print about this on ad. I am new to couponing.

I started about 5 months ago. I follow many youtubers and blogs. However, I have been able to do it twice this week….. I tried this with the BIC spend 15 get points two different ways. I got back p for soft soap p for Bic p for Beauty club p for Simple. I went to another Walgreens, and they accepted the coupon fine. It works. I just did it yesterday.